group walking (wet weather mix) (9.32) - 8.7Mb

Instrumental music based around a loop played on a Peter Randall-Page sculpture, commissioned for the Two Moors Way. (See download button) The sound you hear is the trapped air of the Fibonace series drilled holes played with my hands. The ‘schlerp’ sound is Peter running his hand over the top.

The piece is based on a group of friends going for a walk on a Sunday afternoon all starting at a pace, with the various rhythms, of the dogs and children. Breaks for lunch, chocolate and breastfeeding plus some rain result in a disparate, straggled, completion.

'Notwithstanding' (6.3MB) (world jazz groove. Can be played live with pre-recorded backing using Godin electro-acoustic guitar). From the forthcoming CD 'Notwithstanding'/Oddvisionstab5.

'Barefoot Eden' (5.3MB) (live solo improvisation on acoustic guitar). From forthcoming CD, of solo improvisations/OddVisionStab4.

'pickripe' (2.6MB) from the CD 'ripe'/OddVisionStab2.

Excerpt from '7 guitars revolving' (2.5MB) from the CD 'less is more or less'/OddVisionStab1.

'smog' (9.2MB) (live electro-acoustic world jazz groove improvisation using pre-recorded backing loop)