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David Osbiston, born Farnborough Kent in 1954. I bought my first guitar aged 12.

I have played rock, jazz, funk, world, dance and a fusion of all these. After 25 years of playing with a plectrum, I moved to using the skin of my fingers for a richer tone, the ability to use all the fingers on both hands and a sense of being more connected to the instrument. At the same time I found open tunings and capos. My favorite and most used guitar is a flamenco guitar made by Valeriano Bernal of Aldogonales, Cadiz. The flamenco guitar is brighter than a Spanish guitar but playing with the skin on my fingers warms it up. I have now arrived at minimalism and more experimental forms of playing. Minimalism offers surprises and uncontrived musical moments. I play in many different contexts which have included The Royal Festival Hall, The Barbican and The Eden Project, with a range of different musicians. I like to play at art openings and have played at many art galleries including The Newlyn, Penzance (great acoustics upstairs) and at Plymouth Museum with The Plymouth Society of Artists. Abstract art inspires me most and gives me the opportunity to play what I see.

'less is more or less' features layers of Spanish guitars as in 'new clack', '7 guitars revolving' and '16 guitars eventually' all of which have been played on BBC 3,s Late Junction by Verity Sharp. The other tracks 'cake 1 and 5' feature an electronic looper and a Godin Grand Concert (David is sponsored by Godin).

'ripe' is a CD of 21 shorter pieces featuring percussion more, but still with its feet in minimalism. These pieces have been professionally recorded over the last couple of years and again feature layers of Spanish (flamenco) guitar. I can imagine some of these pieces being used on certain television documentaries.

I am also a keen Permaculturist and have resisted joining the' music business' in a more formal way. I have, however, decided to make this music more available this year via this website on my own label OddVisionStab. I hope to soon be able to have my music downloadable electronically. Both CD's are recorded on a Korg D1600 (very good machine and customer care/back up) and copied and printed by PMC (very nice people, very good quality).

Thank you for your interest. If you have any comments please contact me on email davidosbiston(nospam) .Omit (nospam) I would be particularily interested if you play the music for any purpose ie. I already know of 2 sculptors who use it to work to. Also track 5 of 'ripe' is being used for a modern dance piece. Also if you would be interested in any kind of interesting artistic crossovers.

less is more
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'less is more or less'